Conscious Dance Denton 12/10/23





11:00 am

11:00 am

Ecstatic Dance

The Dance is held at Green Space Arts Collective on Malone Street in Denton, Texas.

Style is Free Dance, there are no set steps to learn and there is no pressure or expectations.  This is an exercise for your mind, body and soul.  Listen to your inner self to be inspired by movement.  Move your body parts, Listen to yourself and enjoy the connection with others. Various genres of music are played.

Conversation Free on dance floor,

Shoe free (barefoot or dance shoes ok)

Phone free zone


11:00 am
1:00 pm
DANCE DEC 10, 2023. We dance monthly on Sundays. Dates vary.
529 Malone St, Denton Texas
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December 10, 2023

Dance Guidelines

Ecstatic Dance – 3 Simple Guidelines
1. We Dance without shoes (or: We Dance Barefoot)
This allows us to connect more fully with the Ground (socks are OK)
If you have a physical condition that you need dance shoes, then OK
2. We Dance without words (or: We Dance with Body Language)
This makes it easier to be in a Meditative State
No Verbal Instruction from the Facilitators
No Talking from the Dancers
3. We Dance as We Are
Substance Free, No Phones, No Camera/Video, No Scents, No Expectations, No Judgements, No Shoulds, No Oughts… Just Be Yourself; With Respect for Ourselves, the Space, and One Another.