Weds Nights

7 - 11 pm

Contact Improv Class (Main Floor):  7 - 8 pm

Yoga Class (Mezzanine):  7 - 8pm

Ecstatic Dance:  8 - 11pm

Opening Circle:  8pm

Sound Healing:  11pm

  (Arrive when you wish)

A Safe and Sacred Space for Movement,

Progressive Dance Music, &

Positive Transformation


1933 Broadway, Oakland, CA


Oct. 31st

10 Year Weds Night


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Past, Present, or Future Self - Dress Up


2008 Throw Back Set

Dance is Life Class: Gabriel Francisco

Yin Yoga: Bailey Vargas

Sound Healing: Aleksandra Dubov



Nov 7th

Baron von Spirit

Contact Improv: Rani Joy

Yoga: Rachel FreedmanSound Healing & Live Music: eO


Nov 14th

DJ Dakini

Contact Improv: Tyler Blank

Yoga: Annie Anton

Sound Healing: Robin & Anahata



Nov 21st


 Contact Improv: Daniel Bear Davis

Yoga: Lucia Grace

Sound Healing: Mary Redente



Nov 28th

Sasha Rose

 Cocrea Partner Dance: Wren LaFeet

Yoga: TBD

 Sound Healing: Sasha Rose


Dec 5th

DJ Vesica

Contact Improv: Blindfolded with Candice & Gabriel

Yoga: TBD

Sound Healing: Antonio Aversano

Dec 12th


Contact Improv: Daniel Bear Davis Yoga: Melissa WhippoSound Healing: Sainte Grace


Dec 19th


Contact Improv: Bronwyn Ayla

Yoga: TBD

Sound Healing: Krikor Andonian


Dec 26th

Leapin' Lygress

Sound Healing: Cyrena & Samson

Wednesday Nights

11 pm ~ Closing with Sound Healing and Shivasana.


$18 Drop-In at the Door

Classes are Included with Admission


Multiple Circle Passes Available Here

or at the Door

4 for $60

10 for $130

(Good for Weds Oakland, Fri Fairfax & Sun SF)

Dance Free on Your Birthday Week!


Volunteer for Admission:

 First 15 people who arrive at 6pm

or simply stay after 11pm (gather at the Altar)

- No reservation needed


Historic Sweet's Ballroom

1933 Broadway, Oakland CA

19th St. BART

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Massage: $1/minute donation

by Michael McIntyre, Tamara Bliss Sharp & Jess Maron

Free Tea Service upstairs by:

Om Shan Tea

(Proceeds Benefit Oshan)


Raw Food by:  Rhythmic Seed Dancing Cuisine

Herbal Beverages by:  Brilliant Elixirs



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