Start an Ecstatic Dance

Greetings Lovers of Freeform Movement! 

This website, and the following articles are a Free Resource for those who host (or are interested in hosting) Ecstatic Dance in their Home Land.

Please read the following Guidelines to understand the Basic Tenants, and Advice on how to Proceed.

We ask that you abide by them and that you respect the other dances happening in your area.

Thank You for Bringing Freeform Conscious Dance to the People!



Ecstatic Dance happens in a Fantastic Temple

Ecstatic Dance offers Full Range, Club Quality Sound (with Bass Speakers)

 Ecstatic Dance is Mixed by DJs who Seemlessly Craft a Transformational Journey with New Music from many Genres, inlcuding all Emotions & Tempos.

Ecstatic Dance is Drug & Alcohol Free, with a Conversation Free Dancefloor


When you have read the following articles, please write a detailed message about your Dance to:


We will then share with you our open source graphics if you wish to include them in your marketing materials... or you are welcome to use your own form and style...!