Ecstatic Mission



is looking for a new space

Ecstatic Dance was considered "Quasi Religious" in the eyes of the Catholic Church, who owns the land we danced upon, who forced the private school on that land to discontinue our agreement together (which befefited the school, it's teachers, and it's students greatly from the rent $ we generated for them).   

Ecstatic Dance in SF is cancelled until we can find a suitable space.


Stay Tuned


Ecstatic Dance Mission 

Anyone is welcome to Volunteer for their Dance:

either Show up promptly (for 1 hour)

or Stay after

Simply show up (no RSVP needed)

and Dance for Free in exchange


Arrive when you Like

 Move However You Wish!


Mission Ecstatic Dance





Previous Dances

12/21/13 - Avani
12/28/13 - Sharu
1/4/14 - Knowa Lusion
1/11 - Dragonfly
1/18 - Alxndr
1/25 - Neptune
2/1 - Sasha Rose
Yoga: Britt Fohrman
2/8 - Alia
Yoga: Dani Worth
2/15 - Avani
Yoga: Eric Shaw
2/22 - Rhythmystic
Yoga: Leah Woods
3/1 - Baron Von Spirit
 Contact Improv: Tyler Blank
3/8 - Prateado (Germany)
Contact Improv: Ben Turner
 3/15 = Wendy Marie (Palo Alto ED) 8-10pm
Contact Improv: Aaron Jessup (7pm)

3/22 = [Clever Alias] (NYC ED)
Contact Improv: Tyler Blank

3/29 = Ra So
Contact Improv: Aaron Jessup
4/5 = BELI3VER
Contact Improv: Krista DeNio
4/12 = Sol Rising
Contact Improv: Tyler Blank