San Francisco

Sunday Morning

 10am - Yoga

(Contact Improv on 1st Sundays)

11am - 1pm Ecstatic Dance



August 6th


Contact Improv: Michael DuCott



August 13th

Leapin' Lygress

Chakra Yoga Flow: Melissa Whippo



August 20th

Daniel Mollner

(Ecstatic Dance National Bus Tour)


August 27th


(Tyler Blank - Founder of Ecstatic Dance Bay Area)


September 3rd



September 10th

DJ Dakini


Sacred Heart Church

(aka Church of 8 Wheels)

554 Fillmore St. (& Fell)



Classes are Included with Admission

Circle Dance Passes Here

or at the Door

5 for $60 - ($12 ea.)

10 for $110 - ($11 ea.)

20 for $200 - ($10 ea.)

(Good for Weds Oakland, Fri Fairfax & Sun SF)

Dance Free on Your Birthday Week!


Arrive when you Like

 Move However You Wish!



$15 at the Door

Free Entrance Your Birthday Week

Volunteers Welcome