6:55 pm

Online Ecstatic Dance

DANCE FOR THE REVOLUTION is A 5 week digital ecstatic dance journey series for people of all genders, races + identities to heal, release, and come together in love, joy, peace, pleasure activism, and freedom.

We dance for FREEDOM.


We dance for the fall of white supremacy + the crumbling of the patriarchy.

We dance for the end of capitalism, racism, ageism, sexism, ableism, heterosexism, classism, monogamy centrism, and all other bullshit labels and rules we no longer subscribe to and actively work to release from ourselves and our culture.

We dance in a consent-forward, non-binary, sex positive, body positive, age positive, ALL THE GOOD SHIT positive space.

We dance for ourselves, we dance for each other, we dance for the world.

Our dance is individual: a release, a surrender, an activator, a come-to-Goddess moment of freedom.

Our dance is collective: as we heal, our external world improves. As we hold space for each other in our healing and growth, we call back and step into our greatest power.

We dance to POWER UP so we can take care of ourselves and continue to work to end human suffering.


6:55 pm
9:15 pm
Fridays in July 2020
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How Much
$44/Dance. Season passes and free community spots available: DM HappyMillennialMags on IG if you need a free spot.

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Dance Guidelines

CONSENT: We ask for consent to pin and respect all “no”s. We don’t take videos of other dancers without consent. We respect the privacy and healing journey of all our dance fam.

DO YOU: We are all in control of our own experience. Go camera off, on, do performance therapy, be witnessed in your dance or hide under your covers. Be ALL UP IN THE CHAT or spend the whole evening by yourself on your own independent, parallel journey.

NUDITY: This is a safe space for all people to show up safely in their bodies, including womxn-identifying bodies with nipples. This is not an x-rated party or play party, but being nude while dancing is welcome. (ESPECIALLY for Beka’s Massage Dance Temply on 7/24).



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