Providence, RI

Date/time:  Our dances are monthly but the schedule varies so please contact DJ Tara~Ma to join the mailing list or get updates on the Facebook page, group or via Instagram


Imagine the freedom and joy you feel when dancing in your living room (or shower or car) to music that fills your soul. The difference is the addition of the energy of other people with you, doing the same. Find release, renewal, joy and healing in this beautiful practice. The best part is that everyone can do it! There are no rules except to be silent on the dance floor, refrain from wearing shoes, respect yourself and one another and most importantly, to dance however you wish. Align body, spirit and mind with the healing power of dance. We begin with a guided meditation and opening circle to provide connection with other dancers and an invitation to set an intention for the evening. PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME. Music comprised of an electronic tapestry of global rhythms and styles, choreographed by the facilitator and DJ,

Tara~Ma, takes the dancers on a musical journey from ethereal bliss to hip shaking fun and on to high energy grooving out and back down again to end in a place of stillness. Closing circle completes the container and newly created joy is ready to be embraced and sent out in to the world! We are a substance free, judgement free environment. No dance experience is required. Open to adults of all ages and levels of ability. Children permitted with supervision at morning dances.


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