Ecstatic Dance Napa

Wednesday Nights!

6:30pm - 8:30pm


Last 2 Dances:

June 11

June 18


Napa Women's Club




Please Join us!

$15 @ the Door.

Ecstatic Dance Napa Valley


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Dear Napa Dancers

Geoffrey and I started weekly Napa dance four months ago with energy,excitement, expectations and hopes to call in a dedicated tribe of weekly dancers to supporting each other and growing together through dance. Even before this effort several other passionate dancers worked to get DANCE to be a regular offering here in the Napa Valley. Our respectful thanks to them...Geoffrey, Liz, Richard, John, Lisa, and Colbalt.

Each time it has felt like we were on the brink of creating something lasting, about to catch fire into a bigger flame.....and each time it would come to a point of needing to let go of the dream.

We do not have the numbers of regular dancers attending to keep up the costs associated with continuing weekly dances. In fact, our weekly numbers are trending down not growing. So it is with sadness that we tell you that Wednesday June 18th will be the last weekly Napa Ecstatic Dance. We are bringing our exploration to a close.

We want to thank all of you who attended once, twice or every dance. Many of you have been tremendously supportive and we know some of you really tried to help us grow this. Our guess is that it is just not the time....not yet.

LunaBella - It has been my joy to meet so many of you, learn about your lives, hear your challenges and joys and to share the dance floor with you each week these past 4 months. It has also been my joy to learn to DJ and play my own heart-sets for you.Thank you for honoring me with your dancing. I want to say that I have tremendous gratitude for Geoffrey for having the DJ equipment, teaching me how to be one and sharing the DJ time with me.

Professor Ecstasy - I too have enjoyed spinning more tunes and trying yet another format to make this work here in Napa. Maybe it will happen another time, another place. I am in deep gratitude for Liz and Richard donating time and the funds to get things going and keep them going in lean times. You truly are heartful dancers, and I have loved your support.

Again thank you for being in the dance with us. We hope you can attend these last two dances with us. Next week, June 11th LunaBella will put together a beautiful set for you. The theme will be Surrender. Professor Ecstasy will close the dance on Wednesday, June 18th which will be our final dance. The theme will be Desire.

Please note: This last dance will be FREE to everyone who has danced with us in the last 4 months. It is our parting gift to YOU.

If you still have a dance card we will reimburse you for any unused dances after June 18th if you let LunaBella know either by attending one of these two dances or emailing me here.

In Love and Dance, LunaBella and Professor Ecstasy