~ Ashkenaz ~

Berkeley, CA


Ecstatic Dance LIVE is regrouping.

Live Music Journeys have not had the attendance we have been hoping for... 

We are not exactly sure why, though we do have our theories...


We shall see when the time is right to dance again...

to real people making real time noises.



You can still go to Ashkenaz and dance to live music most every day of the week.  Their Schedule is Here


Music & Dance Community Center

1317 San Pablo Ave.

Berkeley, CA

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$15 Door

(or Oakland Sweet's Dance Pass)


This is an Alcohol Free Dance Space

Ashkenaz has agreed to turn off the taps until the music is over and the circle is complete.  Kombucha & Coconut water are available.

Thank You for Understanding.

May we all be accepted for ourselves, however we are, however we move when we're feeling the music...!